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Key Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business

In this digital age, businesses are using whiteboard animation videos to engage with the audience in the online world. Do you want to make your employee onboarding process more humorous? Do you want to attract your audience? Or would you like to make the audience experience more appealing? So, use a whiteboard animated video to enrich your marketing. It has become one of the most effective marketing trends.

Let’s look into this blog; we have rounded up the significant reasons to incorporate whiteboard animation videos to enhance your marketing strategy.

What is a whiteboard animation video?
Whiteboard animation is a video technique in which illustrations are drawn on a white background. It also shows the author’s hand in creating a drawing.

Generally, these illustrations come with a narration explaining the entire story to the audience.
Organizations use whiteboard animated videos for marketing, explainer videos and user onboarding.

Why should Businesses Use Whiteboard Animations?
If you want to enhance your brand image in the digital world and grab the audience’s attention, animated whiteboard videos are ideal for marketing.

Use whiteboard animation videos to influence your customers' decision-making and boost your sales.

Explain Multiple Ideas in a Story
Marketers nowadays wish to use a versatile marketing tool that allows them to explain multiple ideas into an engaging story. It keeps your brand stand out among other competitors.

That is why whiteboard animation has become the first preference of marketers. It allows you to explain all the crucial concepts and messages in an easy story form. Viewers can easily understand, engage, and share it with others.

It is Budget friendly Option Compared to a Live-motion video
Organizations firstly think about creating a live-motion video. People wrongly perceive video marketing as incomplete without a live-motion video and real humans inside.

However, video marketing includes various video types that are highly effective. It consists of GIFs, motion design, and animated videos.

Opt for animation if you are planning to hire professional actors for your next advertisement. It is a superb alternative to a live-motion video, as it is pretty much cost-effectively.

It enables Content Syndication for Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing demands creating unique and new content every day. Social media users love to watch something creative and fresh. Creating new whiteboard animated videos for social media posts every day might be an expensive option.

However, adopt a content syndication strategy. This way, you can re-use your content many times and promote your products or services to new followers.

E.g., there are Instagram highlighted stories, pinned posts on Facebook or Twitter, etc. In this case, you can go ahead with whiteboard animated explainer videos to promote your brand to the viewers. This strategy is beneficial to engaging the audience who visit your business profile for the first time.

It enables a Humor Element to your Marketing
Whiteboard videos are famous these days, and organizations prefer to use them. You can use humor in your video and make the viewers' experience more engaging.

Most customers love whiteboard explainer videos. Add real magic to your digital branding with animated heroes, humoristic script and attractive metaphors.

If you are feeling puzzled, you can check customers' feedback for whiteboard explainer videos on business profiles. Customers have praised these videos on various platforms.

Explain Complex Concepts in an Engaging Story
Whiteboard videos are ideal for storytelling, as you can deliver your message with simple visuals with an engaging story. It allows you to explain complex ideas and concepts in easy-to-understand illustrations with voiceovers that clearly explain everything.

No matter how complex your idea is, whiteboard animation is ideal for conveying them in a story format.

Grab the Audience’s Attention
Do you want to draw the viewer’s attention to the digital world? Yes, many organizations have a similar objective as well. In the competitive digital world, keeping your business stand out is challenging because the number of competitors is increasing.

Whiteboard animation can give you a competitive advantage and attract people with engaging content. You can create a whiteboard animation video to communicate with the audience on websites, social networks, emails and other platforms on the web.

It Improves Conversion Rates and Traffic
Nowadays, users don’t prefer to read textual content, which is not enough to raise traffic. Video animations are one of the best approaches to telling your story.

Use whiteboard animation on your website to increase website traffic and enhance your business's sales.

It is Effective for B2B Marketing
Undoubtedly, whiteboard animation videos are effective for B2B marketing. The casual look and feel of whiteboard animation make it ideal for achieving corporate objectives.

When you contact other businesses with your proposal, whiteboard animation services can give you a competitive edge over other companies.

Develop Viewers Interest

Whiteboard animations are incredibly beneficial for businesses that want to enhance their marketing strategy. In this technological era, it is essential to use modern technology.
Most of the audience access internet and love to watch videos. When they see something interesting, they click it, play it, and take an interest in your story.

You can use animation to explain more ideas than live action. Therefore, it would be easy for you to highlight the benefits of your product in a brief time frame.

Connects the Audience with your Brand

The best thing about whiteboard animation is that it creates a connection with your audience. It helps in storytelling, and there are many other ways it can influence viewers.

The proper selection of voiceover and characters can help viewers understand your message. Moreover, you can use pop or social culture references to take your campaign to new heights.

Companies in some industries hesitate to create a message that convinces the audience to relate to their brand. You can leverage your brand by using this connection and whiteboard animation to promote your business more pleasantly.

Drawing on humor and emotional reactions, develop a strong connection and deliver your message effectively.

Customize your whiteboard animation to your Message
Whiteboard animation allows you to present your ideas and connect with your audience effectively. You can create a message and subject that can help you achieve your business objectives.

Work with your creative department, and create attractive visual metaphors and illustrations to portray your message or subject. Whether you want to explain a new policy or a complex scientific process, whiteboard animations will help you present your idea.

It turns a Boring Subject into Engaging Animation

If you want to explain something boring, like legal terms, e.g., whiteboard animation can help you do that easily. People understand and learn better when they watch things visually.
Using animation with a story can help viewers understand and remember your content better.

Cost of Whiteboard Animated Videos

Some people wrongly perceive that whiteboard animated videos are an expensive option. If you want to know the whiteboard animated video cost, we will help you out.
Whiteboard animation costs varies from $2,800 to $35,000 per minute.

Closing Remarks
Marketers are searching for new ways to enhance their marketing strategies in this competitive environment. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the use of whiteboard animation videos for marketing.

Businesses nowadays use whiteboard animation to educate the audience about their products and services and to explain complex ideas. The best thing about these videos is they are simple and easy to understand, and viewers take an interest in them.

If you are searching for a video animation agency that will create innovative videos for you, contact BuzzFlick. BuzzFlick video animation agency has served many companies with highly engaging videos. They have a team of professional animators who turn your idea into creative visuals.

So, take the right decision now and boost your sales and revenue with top-notch whiteboard animated videos.