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WhatsApp Business Features for Companies: Everything You Need to Know

There was a time when business personnel used to communicate using email. But now, with the rapid growth of technology, instant messaging applications have taken their place. There are numerous instant messaging applications that business people can use.

However, there is an application named Whatsapp, which is very reliable to use. Designed initially to bring loved ones closer by sending messages, Whatsapp now is also available as a Whatsapp business app. WhatsApp for business distinguishes between two types of Whatsapp. And they are “Whatsapp Business API” and “Whatsapp for Business.”

Furthermore, business managers can use the Whatsapp spy app to monitor their employees' activities. By doing so, the employer can take action against an employee who discloses confidential information. This ensures that sensitive business data remains confidential.

Let's take a look at all the details about the Whastapp business for companies.

What is WhatsApp Business App?

People who want to have a private conversation can use regular Whatsapp, whereas there are two other solutions for companies. Since 2018 WhatsApp has been available in the business and enterprise sectors.

WhatsApp Business application that offers several features for businesses of any size. However, if you have a small business, the Whatsapp Business app is the best solution. People can use the Whatsapp Business App for companies to design catalogs to display their products with their connected audience. This free business app is enriched with the following features.

1. Text message templates.
2. Product Catalog.
3. Verified Whatsapp account.
4. However, compared to Whatsapp business API, the Whatsapp Business application has limited features.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business for companies

For marketers and business managers, two main things need to consider.
1. Reach there where your audience is.
2. Do better than competitors.

And the main thing is WhatsApp Business App can help you achieve that.
The gist of Whatsapp business is to promote the business value by connecting with the targeted audience. Further, it also lets you appear in the land of competition.

To connect with today’s generations, what is more, crucial is the messaging app which is open almost 24 hours. Following are the benefits of Whatsapp business for companies.

1. Almost 2 billion people are WhatsApp users so you can reach a wider audience.
2. The admin can solve customer inquiries fastly.
3. It saves your money as you don’t have to pay to spend it in a call center.
4. Your messages remain safe and secure as it provides end-to-end encryption.
5. Increase rate of customer engagement. When customers don’t have to wait for a long time to get a reply back, they remain engaged.

Features of Whatapp business for companies

Let’s discuss the features offered by WhatsApp Business for Companies.

Business Profile

Include all important information required for your customers after creating a business profile. You can add your email id, address, URLs, logo, and company description. Your brand can achieve audience loyalty when you have a business profile. After WhatsApp confirms that your business is a verified business account, you can have a verified badge side to your business account name.

1. Open WhatsApp business application
2. Go to the Settings
3. Click on Business Settings
4. Profile.

Whatsapp Business Statistics

Whatsapp business application lets you see the basic analytics reports of your company. It includes several sent, received, read, and delivered messages.

Steps to access WhatsApp business statistics:

Click on Menu Button> Settings> Business settings> Statistics


To have easy access, companies can organize their contacts using Labels. It makes your inbox organized.

Steps to add a label to a new contact

  • Go on the client chat page and tap on the menu button.
  • There choose a label and save.

And next time, if you have to add a new label, click “New Label” and then just save it.

Quick replies

These are the answer to often-asked queries by the audience. You can save it as message templates and set up shortcuts. It will save your time to reply, and the audience will get answers faster. For that, you have to type “/” on your keyboard.

Greetings and away messages

You can also set automated messages using the Whatsapp business app. You can set greeting messages that your customer receives when starting a new conversation.

Steps to set greeting messages

  • Goto Settings> Business Settings> Greeting Messages.

From there, you can add a new greeting message or edit the existing one.

In addition to that, you can also set messages to send when you are offline. Away messages are like greetings messages. You can choose the time to activate it.

Steps to activate away message

  • Goto Settings> Business Settings> Away Message> “Activate away message

Product Catalogs

Businesses can use this product catalog feature to showcase what they are offering to their users. And the active users can browse through it and see the price and other details of items they want to buy.
You can upload up to 500 products or services at maximum.

Limitation of the Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp business app is full of great features but it also has some limitations, such as:
1. Limited to a single agent to handle the business account.
2. A quick reply is limited.
3. Users can send only a limited number of messages.
4. No advanced automation is possible.


In this article, we have outlined everything that you need to know about Whatsapp business for companies. If you have business with 3 or 4 employees, you don’t have to take the issue of data protection seriously. Businesses on WhatsApp are supposed to grow fastly.

High-level expertise may need other tools that offer additional functionality. But for small businesses Whatsapp business app is suitable.