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7 Ways To Incorporate Animated Videos To Enhance Marketing

In this digital age, animated videos have become an essential marketing tool. Most businesses use animated videos to enhance their marketing. These videos help marketers in conveying their brand’s image and message. The beauty of these videos is that you can engagingly explain even complex concepts with creative visuals.

Viewers love to watch animated videos because when they watch an animation, it recalls their childhood days. It is one of the reasons that animation triggers the audience’s emotions and influences their behavior.

Here in this blog, we will reveal the seven best ways to incorporate animated videos to capture audiences' attention.

1. Animated Explainer Videos

Marketers use animated explainer videos to convey their message more effectively. Explainer video creates the brand image and explains the company’s offerings and how their product or service helps consumers. These videos have a 30 to 90 seconds long duration.

Businesses use explainer videos to highlight the functions of a product, how to use a product, or to build your brand personality. These videos explain the complex ideas to the audience and help present the message creatively.

The best thing is that you can use animated explainer videos on every digital platform, including email marketing, social media platforms, mobile app, and website onboarding.

2. Use Videos for Brand Storytelling

Nowadays, the audience wants to learn about the people who are behind the brand. They want to learn about the creators, founders, and employees. It allows viewers to understand the organization’s goals, corporate values, the mission and give them a clear understanding of the aims of a company.

An animated video is ideal for creating a brand image and enhances communication with the audience. You can use animated videos to tell them about your organization and share employee stories to show how they contribute to fulfilling the customers' needs.

Many businesses have revealed that they get significant audience engagement when they place storytelling videos on their home page. You can use these videos in the background of your Facebook, Instagram profile, and website page. Moreover, you can use these videos on various digital platforms.

3. Video Infographics

In this digital era today, video infographics have gained immense popularity. The audience prefers infographics over various types of content. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in this trend.

People use it with animation also to explain their information. It has become one of the most impactful techniques; people use animated video infographics to convey valuable information. These videos are informative, engaging, and well-structured.

4. Tutorial Videos

When customers buy a product, they feel excited about using that product. However, customers want to learn about the features and how it functions so they can benefit from it efficiently.

Your audience will be bored if you want them to read long and boring written content and tutorials. You can incorporate an animated tutorial video on your website’s landing page to showcase to your audience how they can use your product correctly.

The beauty of animated tutorials is that it makes your audience satisfied. They share their positive reviews and experiences.

You can use their positive feedback and testimonials to enhance your brand image. It builds audience trust in your company when they watch the reviews of happy customers.

5. Product Demo Videos
Some people think that product demo videos are similar to tutorial videos, but the difference is that they explain the product functions without going into the depth of instructions. The demo video explains the product functions, features, and pros.

It helps highlight why your product is ideal for fulfilling consumer needs and how it is better than other brands' products.

If you want a product demo video for business, you can connect with BuzzFlick animation agency. They are among the best animation studios in Seattle Washington. They have revolutionized video production with their brilliant video-creating techniques.

6. Customize your Video to Enrich your Communication

Incorporate a customize video that engages the audience with a story. Research the characteristics of your target customers, and use their information to create video content.

The beauty of animated video is that you can customize the video according to the audience.So, you need to design animated characters that connect your target audience with your brand. Marketers use animation to create an emotional connection with the viewers. It is human psychology that we love to relate with the characters that perform similar actions and behavior as we do.

That is why it creates a significant impact on viewers' minds, and it captures the audience’s attention.
It is the first step in enhancing your video, and your video character should do similar actions that your audience does.

The second element is the script; it plays a vital role in audience engagement. The script should be written in a way that explains a story that triggers the audience’s emotions.

7. Understand your Target Audience
When creating an animated video, firstly, you need to decide your target audience. Your message should be customized according to viewers' needs.It is essential to make a theme of your video message according to the audience so that your video engages them.

For that, you need to research your target customers: their preferences, gender, age, likes, and dislikes, etc. These factors are critical for video creation, and the more your research is strong, it helps create an appealing video.

You can create customer personas, which give you an idea about the preferences of your target audience. It will help you gather the sociographic and demographic data from customer research.

Closing Remarks

Animated video has become one of the most effective marketing tools. The beauty of animated videos it helps in explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand message through animated characters. Marketers use animated videos to convey their brand’s message to a larger audience.

In this blog, we have discussed the best ways to incorporate animated videos to enrich your marketing.
These videos are ideal for marketing because animated characters create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand.

Moreover, you can use animated videos on various platforms such as social networks, websites, mobile apps, and YouTube.

You can outsource your video projects to an animation agency. Hire BuzzFlick for your video creation, as it is one of the top animation studios in Melbourne.