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How to have AMP Website to build on Wordpress Website

As a result of Google's frequent updates, many business owners feel compelled to keep up with the ever-changing online landscape. The risk of being left behind increases if you fail to adjust to new circumstances. The same is true for Google's AMP.  Google AMP is the web-speeding project for mobile devices. If you want to use AMP which is almost necessary these days as most of the people visit websites now on mobile devices, you can follow our guide to know the stepwise process.

Understand about the Google’s AMP

In October of 2015, Google introduced a new mobile-friendly web development initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The project uses Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML, a new open framework created from scratch using only current web technologies. Simply said, it provides a mechanism for delivering a minimal replica of your existing website.

So, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open-source project from Google that uses minimum HTML and JavaScript. If a user clicks on your AMP result in a search engine, the information will immediately be provided from Google's AMP cache.

Google and Twitter have joined forces to promote Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a programme with the stated objective of reducing mobile users' wait times while accessing online content. All programmes, browsers, and web viewers can correctly display Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Sites like PrimApp and  TipTop have AMP Versions. It is highly recommended to visit these websites on mobile devices to check the live sample of AMP Versions.

Tiptop is one of the most popular tools online for health insurance comparison. Comparison on Tiptop is easy as it is available in English, French, and Italian language.

What are the benefits of using AMP for Wordpress Websites?

  • AMP significantly enhances the user experience for visitors with sluggish Internet connections. It streamlines your content so that it loads quickly for visitors and doesn't waste their time. Assuming your material is useful, this should result in an increase in visitors.
  • Through a ranking boost in mobile search, Google is hoping to increase AMP's widespread adoption. Optimising your site for search engines will be easier after implementing AMP.
  • AMP-compliant site content has the opportunity to appear in the carousel at the top of Google's mobile search results, which may significantly increase your site's visibility.
  • Websites that use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) see a significant decrease in server load, leading to faster page loads.
  • Google AMP requires several suggested web speed measures, such as avoiding bulky CSS and JS frameworks.
  • Has the potential to positively affect your sales.
  • There have been several updates to Google AMP over the last year, and marketing opportunities are now more accessible than ever. This is great news for magazines and up-and-coming publications since they can keep or even grow their AdSense income.
  • Instantaneous enhancements (including WebP format conversion!)
  • AMP Lite is an additional optimization for low bandwidth connections.

Stepwise Procedure to have AMP Website to build on Wordpress Website

Install the AMP WordPress Plugin
To use AMP on your WordPress site, you must first install the corresponding plugin. Select Plugins > Add New and look for AMP. Find it, then run the setup and activation wizards.

After that, check out Appearance > AMP to see how your site appears to visitors on mobile devices when viewed with Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Since AMP only supports minimal markup, your design options will be limited (at least using this particular AMP plugin). Each element of the header, from the background to the links and the content, may be customised. You also have the option of using either a bright or dark colour scheme.

If supported by your theme, the AMP plugin will also utilise your site's icon.

Do customizations with Yoast SEO

Metadata is used by default in Automattic's AMP plugin, which may not be appropriate. To make it easier to modify this information and integrate AMP with Yoast SEO, the Yoast team developed a plugin. In the left sidebar, locate Yoast SEO, and then choose AMP to access the plugin's settings. Selecting which content types should be optimised for AMP is done under the Post types tab. You may safely stick with the default settings here.

PrimApp German also does this. PrimApp German is one of the most popular tools online for health insurance comparison. Comparison on PrimApp German is easy as it is available in English, French, and Italian language.

Setup SEO Settings via Yoast SEO

To optimise your AMP content for search engines, use the SEO panel to include link and meta tags into the AMP's head area and ensure that your Meta Descriptions are shown there.

To improve your site's visibility, enable Meta Tags from Yoast by dragging the slider under Yoast SEO Options..

Advanced Index and No Index Options are both fully functional with all their features turned on by default.

How to view AMP Pages in Google Search Console?

You can check the performance of your Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google Search here. With Google's Search Console, you can readily verify this.

Launch the Google Search Console dashboard and navigate to Search Appearance » Accelerated Mobile Pages. No need to panic if you don't see any AMP improvements straight away. Google may take some time to crawl and index your Accelerated Mobile Pages, which might delay the appearance of metrics in Search Console.

Disadvantages of using AMP for WordPress Website

  • Because AMP only supports a subset of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, some functionality and widgets may be inaccessible. Calls to action, social sharing buttons, and other dynamic scripts may not work if you implement AMP.
  • Google AMP works with Google Analytics, but not with many other analytics tools. The same may be said for advertising, when just a small number of channels are available.
  • Setting up 301 redirects back to the non-AMP content is a must if you install and configure AMP on your website and then decide to delete it. There's no need to panic, but you should know this before setting up AMP.


In conclusion, the AMP Website can be helpful but every coin has two sides. It also has some drawbacks but if implemented correctly, it can be beneficial for your website.