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8 Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

Reading this blog to learn about the best Elementor Addons.

Who won’t love Elementor? With more than 5 million users worldwide, it is a well-known and respected page builder. The theme builder in Elementor 3.0 gives you unimaginable customization flexibility. However, understanding its core operations and utilizing it to the fullest extent requires Addons. With their help, you may create and design your own ideas and exhibit your ingenuity.

Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

The use of Elementor Addons is a great way to:

  • Add powerful sections and widgets.
  • Create beautiful websites using a pre-designed template that is entirely editable.
  • Provides lovely layouts and more versatility.

But first, you must pick the most appropriate extension to begin this process. There is a tonne of alternatives available to you. You will be able to decide which Add-on will enhance your website experience and how to start making the best use of Elementor at the conclusion of this blog.

To aid you to select the best one, we've compiled the top 8 choices for Elementor Addons.

Let’s dive into them!

Best Free Elementor Addons

Stratum Elementor Widget

Over 20 Elementor additions are included in Stratum by MotoPress, one of Elementor's greatest extensions. This Add-on is becoming popular because of its affordable responsive designs, superb customization, and premium-looking widgets. For business categories that wish to create online shops, galleries, and menus for caf├ęs and restaurants, this addon is helpful.

The small, theme-based widgets address performance and design concerns. With its free version, you can have only actress to a few widgets. However, if you desire more customization possibilities, you must upgrade to the premium plan.

Key Features

  • Widgets with sophisticated functionality, such as Instagram, Advanced Slider, Circle Progress Bar, Pricing Tables, Testimonial Carousel, and Countdowns, for creating websites for businesses.
  • 20 or more necessary, pre-built business-oriented components.
  • Numerous widgets for websites, storefronts, and portfolios with a focus on photographs, such as dynamic posters for any promotions, Lottie animations, or flip boxes.
  • Easy interaction with Instagram and Maps.
  • Smooth Stratum add-on integration with customized theme content.

And if you truly like these free features, you can always subscribe to the premium plan for extra features.

Mighty Add-ons

Mighty Addons is another of the most favored, well-liked, and feature-rich Elementor addons currently available. You may build attractive, reliable WordPress websites for free with the help of this.

The Mighty Addon for Elementor enables you to create a fully functioning but eye-catching company website. There are 150+ ready-to-use responsive sections, over 45+ widgets and extensions, 25+ gorgeous template kits, and an increasing amount of section and design options accessible.

Key Features

  • Showcase a powerful 45+ widget and extension collection that is always growing to provide the finest features.
  • Beautifully crafted template kits that can be completely altered to help you get started on your creative project.
  • Effortlessly add ready-made sections to your page/ post with a single click.
  • Offers advanced styling choices and enables total control over content visibility.
  • Integration with Pixabay and Unsplash that gives you free access to over 1 million stock photos.
  • You may improve the SEO ranking of your website by using the FAQ Schema or Opening Hours Schema.

Its free edition offers a lot of widgets, however, if you are looking for accessing more features for building a fantastic website, you must get the premium version.

Livemesh Add-ons

Livemesh is another popular Elementor plugin. For a plethora of websites, including storefronts and professional blogs, Livemesh offers a wide number of powerful extensions. The main objective of this Add-on is to provide hidden design solutions.

This Add-on may be used by both conventional and contemporary specialist enterprises. It offers a wide range of crucial widgets for various demands, like pricing schemes, client lists, services, etc.

Key Features

  • You may select between dark and bright themes for several widgets.
  • You get widgets and extensions that are both mobile- and performance-ready.
  • There is no requirement to pay for a premium theme in order to access extra features.
  • Strong customer support and regular updates with repairs and adjustments.
  • Over 13 widgets, including odometers, portfolio grids, Twitter grids, bar charts, pricing plans, generic carousels, team bios, and more, are offered in the free edition.

You may always subscribe to the pro edition for more features if you really enjoy the free features. With this premium edition, you receive specialized widgets like WooCommerce and Twitter integration. Included are lazy loading elements, posts block, picture carousel, and many more. The premium edition also offers the option to import demo info.

Anywhere Elementor
You may integrate the templates you create with AnyWhere Elementor by using shortcodes. These adjustments may be made in one place and applied universally or they can be made in one place and applied everywhere. But that's not all.

With this add-on, you can also add post components, make interfaces for the GeneratePress theme, and design multiple layouts.

Key Features

  • Use a shortcode to add Elementor pages and templates.
  • In Elementor, create global sections.
  • Use custom post types to handle your global templates effectively.

For access to a variety of premium features including universal post patterns, post archive themes, and categories/tags templates, you can always subscribe to its pro edition.

Master Add-ons

The most functional widget options are provided by this Elementor Master Add-on. It provides your website life and beauty while enabling effective impact delivery. You may provide your content with both visual appeal and practicality with the aid of Master Add-ons. With this add-on, adding team members, blogs, call-to-actions, and other aspects to the website is straightforward.

Key Features

  • Free, beautiful pre-designed templates for Elementor that have already been made.
  • Several extensions, including entrance animation, mega menu builder, toggle content, positioning, domain checks, etc. are included in the freemium edition.
  • It is simple to enable and disable widgets from the add-ons section.
  • Any type of content may be duplicated with MA Duplicator.
  • Has a huge library of over 100 templates.

Additionally, you may always upgrade to its premium edition to have access to features like a giant menu, configurable header footer builder, and content visibility restrictions.

Envato Elementor Add-ons

The incorporation of premium designs is made easier with Envato Elementor Add-ons, which also provide an excellent online modification experience. You may create a company website that looks polished using visually appealing design templates, fonts, images, and other resources. On your website, these materials are simple to import and modify.

Key Features

  • Effortless import and template search.
  • Huge options for customization.
  • For whatever sort of business, there are design possibilities available.
  • Many images are accessible without any restrictions on use.

This fantastic free Elementor Add-on may help you increase your widget library. If you pick the premium version, you will get an advantage that is reliant on a subscription.

Premium Add-ons

Another excellent option is Premium Addons, which has 400+ readymade ready-to-use section templates and 60+ fully featured widgets for an image-centric, adaptable marketing approach (both free and paid). A wide range of unique widgets, such as elegant typography, carousels, posters, modal boxes, picture grids, dual headlines, and more, will be provided to you.

This add-on enables widgets to have great animation transitions, post grids, and modern layouts. However, only the pro edition has a few basic requirements.

Key Features

  • You obtain thorough and creative design answers.
  • It consists of a number of free page parts.
  • Free contact forms extensions.
  • With the free edition, you receive widgets like a content switcher, fancy typography, dual headings, a carousel, an image scroll, etc.

You may always purchase its premium version for additional exclusive features.

HT Mega Absolute Add-ons

It is a "super" well-liked Elementor add-on with more than 85 free extensions, as the name suggests. You may quickly and easily reorganize the editing process with the use of gadgets for social media platforms and other postings. Your business website's style is aided by the WP HT Mega Absolute extension for Elementor.

The HT Mega Absolute Addon offers a lot more, including beautiful home pages and the ability to integrate any plugin, like a TablePress widget, a WC store, a scheduled calendar, a bbPress community, and more.

Key Features

  • Offers off-grid widgets including a modal box, a testimonial widget, and a social reviews widget.
  • Pre-designed templates to guarantee a uniform layout.
  • Different plugins for styling, such as WooCommerce, bbPress, and Twitter.
  • Access to unique magnifiers, popover, and picture comparison widgets.
  • More than 85 widgets, including a countdown, progress bar, and more, are available in the free version.

The HT Mega Absolute Add-ons premium plan offers a variety of page layouts and beautiful ready-made template sets.

The Key Takeaway

Due to its abundance of design options and selection of pre-designed templates, Elementor is now the most likable and useful page builder available. It has been even more robust to develop and oversee your lovely WP site with extensive global options.

As a result, the importance of Elementor rose and add-ons were developed to enable this addon to perform to its greatest capacity. You do, however, also have countless options here. Undoubtedly, there are many Elementor add-ons available nowadays, however not all of them offer a free version.

That was our detailed analysis of a handful of the top Elementor Add-ons to aid you in your search. Before choosing the Add-on that best meets your needs, thoroughly consider the features and components that each one offers. When choosing an Elementor Add-on, make sure to take into account the number of extensions, unique designs, artistic flow, efficiency, and, obviously, user reviews.

Hope this information will aid in your quest and assist you to make the right decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. We will be glad to help you.