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How to Use Hospitality Software to Increase Guest Satisfaction

Operating a hotel in these times is not an easy task by any means. The guests are demanding the world when they book a hotel room and the competition is at an all time high in the hospitality market. With the guests going largely online to book hotels, managers need to ensure they have online as well as offline visibility to get the attention of customers. Savvy managers have started using advanced PMS and hotel management software to keep their properties at level with the competitors in the market.

How to Use Hospitality Software to Increase Guest Satisfaction

Today, people that were sitting in their homes for close to two years are traveling again. Even more people plan to travel in the coming year for business as well as pleasure. In such times, hotel managers need to be prepared for the influx of guests and prepare their hotel properties accordingly.

A hotel software is a must for modern hotels to prepare their property for their guests in every way possible. A hospitality software is also essential to give the staff a better opportunity for managing the everyday tasks in the hotel. The software can also be customized as per the needs of the property to perform tasks that improve the profitability of the property.

Here are some ways in which hotels can use the hospitality software to increase guest satisfaction:

  1. Contactless check-in and check-out
  2. Keyless room entry through a web app
  3. QR code based menu for the restaurant
  4. Chatbots and AI to resolve guest queries
  5. Secure payment processing
  6. Personalized stay experience across the hotel chain

Hospitality Software Makes Management Easier for the Hotel Staff

Streamlining hotel operations is the key to running a foolproof operation at the hotel property. There are many ways in which the management can use hotel software to create unique opportunities for the staff to increase their productivity and become better at their jobs. There are several tasks in the daily operations at the hotel that are repetitive and can be easily handled by software.

Hotel management software can save ample time and energy of the staff by automating tasks so that the staff can focus on the areas that improve the guest experience. Here are some of the tasks that can be automated to free up the time of the hotel staff.

  1. Sending welcome/feedback emails can be automated through a PMS
  2. Channel management can be easily handled by a channel manager
  3. Room inventory can be automatically updated by the PMS
  4. POS (Point of Sale) integration can club all charges to guests’ account
  5. Check-in and check-out can be managed by PMS
  6. Chatbots or AI can answer common customer queries
  7. Voice activated assistants in rooms can be used for room service queries
  8. PMS can create performance reports and prevent errors caused by manual entry
  9. Housekeeping staff can be assigned duties by the PMS

Which is the Best Software for Hotels?

Finding the best software for hotels is easy when you know exactly what you need from the software. Hotel managers need to know the business capabilities of their hotel and then choose the software that will help them to scale their business to the next level.

One thing that software managers should look for in a software is the ability of the software to scale along with the business. You do not want to be stuck using a software that can not use modern integrations and plugins from third party providers. A future proof software suite is the key to increased productivity and profits. Keeping these facts in mind, here are some things you should look for when you choose a hotel management software.

  1. Cloud Compatibility - A cloud connected PMS will keep your hotel’s management system at part with the latest technology. As software improves, there are features and updates available to meet the market demands and to maintain data security. A hotel software that is backed by the cloud removes the hassle of hardware upgrades and maintains compatibility with the latest feature set in the market.

  2. Easy Learning Curve - A hotel software should be designed with the end user in mind. Training the team to use software is a time consuming and difficult task. An easy to use software takes the guesswork out of the equation and staff can become efficient in the use of the software in very little time. Best part is that existing staff can familiarize new staff members with the software features as well.

  3. Third-party Integrations - A hospitality software on its own can only take your business so far. You will need to find a software that works with the existing applications that are used by your hotel. The software should also provide compatibility with modern applications that are used for sales, report generation, channel management, reservations, data security and much more. A well-developed application stack is a killer feature for any hotel software and one that you should keep in mind while choosing a software to power up your business.


In conclusion, hotel software is a crucial part of hotel management. Property managers interested in boosting the profitability of their properties can look into hotel management software such as mycloud Hospitality. This award-winning hotel management software is being used by hotels and property managers all over the world.

From large chain hotels to small B&Bs, the software can be customized to suit the needs of any kind of hospitality business. As the company provides regular updates, you can rest assured the software will scale along with your business and you will always have the latest features and security updates. Best part is that you can get started with the software in a matter of hours without needing any hardware upgrades or complicated installations.

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