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7 Best Templates For Your Next Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentations

Pitch decks are the tools you use to promote your startup to the rest of the world. These PowerPoint templates were created to highlight your vision, mission, goods, and services. They introduce your company & persuade potential investor to support your venture.

7 Best Templates  For Your Next Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentations

Why A Great Pitch Deck Presentation Is So Important?

​​A startup is by definition a business that is expanding quickly. And you need funds to expand. So, the pitch deck, please. In order to convince investors that your firm has enormous growth potential and to secure the funding you require to scale, you must have a well-designed, thorough presentation deck.

A pitch deck is a presentation made to help your company secure venture money. These presentations include everything from why your firm exists to your business strategy, progress or milestones, your staff, and a call-to-action in order to win over and secure financial support from possible investors. Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to quality of your pitch deck presentation, because it what they can do:

  • Show the value of your company.
  • Make difficult concepts simple so that your readers may understand them and get on board
  • Make your company stand out from the competition.
  • Describe your company's history to your target market and make that story exciting

So, here in this article we’ve gathered 7 great templates that we’ve found on MasterBundles. They will definitely upgrade your presentation and promote a start-up. So, let’s dive in.

5 Advantages of Using PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates

Are there any advantages to adopting a PowerPoint pitch deck template that you are still unsure of? These are the top five benefits of using pitch deck templates:

  • Time-saving templates Using a pre-made template eliminates the need for you to handle any of the labor-intensive designing of a slide from scratch. You only need to contribute your own stuff.
  • There are a ton of pre-made slides for every need. For every occasion, every professional template has a ton of unique slide designs. You can find a slide that highlights the members of your team, provides company information, or lists your sales data.
  • Professional design. Professional-looking templates will improve the appearance of your presentation.
  • There are numerous customizing options. Alter the design, play with the colors, use a new font entirely, add your own images, and more.
  • Your presentation will stand out with professional slides. The default option for most businesses is to use the Microsoft built-in slides. A customized slide design will stand out from the pre-made slides and make an impression on your audience.

Top 7 Pitch Deck Presentations Templates For You

Pre-made templates improve quality and offer more versatility. Keep in mind that a pitch deck is where you introduce the world to your business or idea, sometimes for the first time. It's imperative to leave a positive impression. You can accomplish that with these PowerPoint templates for pitch decks. Let's start.

Lubde – Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

If you want a perfect Pitch Deck presentation, here is a perfect template. This presentation template is suitable for a wide range of uses, besides pitch deck such as business meetings, creative studios, agencies, company profiles, corporate presentations, photography, and portfolios. This template has layouts that are innovative, attractive, original, sophisticated, and definitely one-of-a-kind.

Professional PPT Templates

You'll stand out from the competition with the help of our pitch deck presentation. You can create your own presentations using text, photos, video, and other elements. Here are a few justifications for obtaining this template: Professional work fosters efficient audience contact by making your work simpler, more powerful, and more easily modifiable and resizable.

Pitch Deck & Presentation Animated Smooth Template

Pitch Deck Presentation is a simple PowerPoint template. With the help of the Pitch Deck - Presentation Template, it takes just a few minutes as opposed to hours to produce a strong, professional deck with an eye-catching design. Used properly, this template will greatly enhance your pitch and increase the chances of your fundraising success.

Clean Cool Style Pitch Deck Template 2022: Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote

Presentations called pitch decks can help you promote your startup. This template was created to highlight your vision, mission, and available goods and services. They introduce your company and persuade potential investors to support your venture. Features: a variety of 21 slides, an editable icon set, conceived for use with Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint.

Darko Pitch Deck Creative Presentation Template: +40 Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides

The "DARKO" Pitch Deck & Creative Presentation Template offers you the chance to construct any type of presentation by utilizing the cutting-edge and practical features like icons, data charts, infographics, mockups, world atlases, and more. If you have a fantastic and well-organized pitch deck template, making a pitch will be simple.

DocaCheat Creative Pitch Deck Presentation

Your pitch deck presentation is important when it comes to promoting your startup. Because of this, coming up with one that is strong, memorable, and useful can seem like an incredibly difficult task. With this template, you will definitely succeed.

Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck Template (PPTX, Keynote & Google Slide)

With the help of contemporary and practical features like a portfolio, typographic style, services, icons, data charts, infographics, mockups, globe maps, and more, the Startup Pitch Deck Template allows you to create the pitch presentation you've always wanted.


There are, as you can see, a ton of fantastic pitch deck templates accessible. You can create presentations with them to showcase your company to potential clients and investors. It's wise to keep in mind the advantages of PowerPoint pitch deck templates. So, don’t waste time on creating presentations from scratch, lean on pre-made and professional-looking template.