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How Google Analytics 4 Will Replace Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is the best website partner for many of you. Isn't it? Universal Analytics assists you in compiling your vital data from websites. However, recently Google has spread news like an explosion in the online marketing industry. It is said that Google Analytics 4 is going to replace Universal Analytics entirely in 2023.

Many of you must be worried about how you can shift from a credible site to a new tool. Nonetheless, you should stride your data to GA4 before the deadline. Otherwise, your whole data will be eradicated with universal analytics. Take a breath. There's nothing to cry on. You have to go through the usefulness of GA4, and everything will be okay.

In this write-up, you'll learn about the windfalls of GA4 as compared to Universal Analytics. You'll also discover the basic steps to move from UA to GA4. Here we go.

Replacement Of UA To GA4

It is a fact that universal analytics will be replaced by Google Analytics 4. The director of Google Analytics, Russel Ketchum, has announced that Google Analytics 4 will overtake universal analytics on 1st July 2023. It doesn't mean you'll be unable to access your data on the exact date.

Google never disappoints its consumers. An extension until 1st October 2023 has been given to the users of universal analytics so they can copy their essential data carefully. It's a better option to convert your data to GA4 asap.

People are looking for a third party who can provide them access to universal analytics, but all in vain. UA will stop the processing on the due date. Therefore, make up your mind, go through the Google Analytics 4 features and shape your business accordingly.  

Is Google Analytics 4 Better Than Universal Analytics?

Initially, the most crucial thing to know is who's better: Google Analytics 4 or Universal Analytics. If Google replaces universal analytics with a new version, it's undoubtedly a modified update.

So, without further ado, let's move forward and explore what makes Google Analytics 4 better than universal analytics.

1- Enhanced Features

Google Analytics 4 is introduced with optimised features than Universal Analytics. With Google Analytics 4, you'll experience great advertising campaigns. You must know that a successful ad campaign is beneficial for your business.

Meanwhile, the GA4 also provides you with the best marketing ROI hustle.

2- Privacy Concerned

Privacy is the primary concern for all of you. Every second user wants to protect their data. Thus, Universal Analytics is indeed a reliable tool. Google has inaugurated a modified privacy policy in the form of Google Analytics 4.

Therefore, with GA4, you can blindly run your ads campaigns as the GA4 will save your data without any trouble.

3- Events-Based Data Model

You must be aware that universal analytics is a session-based data model. Meanwhile, the GA4 is an event-based data model that will be a more helpful feature for you. With GA4, you have to tag the specific event manually.

4- User-Friendly
The best thing about Google Analytics 4 is it's a user-friendly tool. GA4 will assist you in all kinds of duties, such as
  • Engagement
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Monetization
You don't have to separate the property manually. Google Analytics 4 will deliver distinct sections of each detail. 

Process To Change From Universal Analytics To GA 4?

Hopefully, you've discerned all the crucial benefits of GA4. Now, it's the moment to learn how to switch to GA4 without any data loss. Cheer up. There's no rocket science behind setting up GA4. With the given step-by-step guide, you'll quickly learn to proceed.

Step # 1:

The initial step is creating a Google Analytics 4 property. While commencing the setup, you'll have to adopt universal analytics by accessing the ADMIN settings. You'll see the option "GA4 Setup assistant". Click on the selection and create a new Google Analytics 4 property.

The most fantastic thing about GA4 is it will create a new property by copying your entire data from universal analytics. Don't be worried about your data. Once the procedure is accomplished, you can initiate assessing complex events.

Step # 2:

The second step is to configure your Google Analytics 4 property. The configuration of data streams is mandatory for good practice of Google Analytics 4. After that, you'll direct to a page regarding Setup assistance.

You should go for a " Collection" section and tap one of the "Tag Installation" icons. With tag installation, you'll be able to data stream configuration.

Step # 3:

While adding a web property, you have to share some basic information with Google Analytics 4 to proceed. The GA4 may ask
  • Site Name
  • URL
  • Measurement
Here comes the time to tag your website to verify ownership. The verification will allow GA4 to fetch data from the site. Presently, you're able to track every interaction on your site.

Wrapping Up

Presently, you have all the crucial information about Google Analytics 4. Hopefully, your concerns are treated in this write-up. Now, you're aware of the windfalls which make GA4 better than UA. You must follow the step-by-step guide and be handily converted to Google Analytics 4.