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9 SaaS Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Marketing a SaaS business can be tricky. Especially when the competition is getting higher every day. From launching a new product to creating a video marketing strategy, it gets overwhelming, and in the process, you often make a few mistakes.

SaaS Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

However, you can start by learning from the mistakes that the competitors make during SaaS video marketing.

Identifying the mistakes is the first step to avoiding them. This blog contains the most common mistakes by SaaS video marketers that you must avoid.

Nine mistakes to avoid with SaaS video marketing

1. Producing videos that are too long-
Only 37% of viewers watch a video till the end. The rest lose focus halfway through the video. It’s a known fact in the marketing world that humans possess the attention span of a goldfish.

So, if you want your SaaS video to be watched completely, you should only create short videos. The ideal length for a SaaS video is 2-4 minutes long. You’re bound to attract a smaller audience if the video lasts longer.

2. Not creating a video marketing funnel-
A video marketing funnel is similar to a sales funnel. It includes creating different types of SaaS videos for each stage of the buyer’s journey. The video marketing funnel guides prospective customers toward your SaaS business.

But with a video marketing funnel, brands cannot produce the right video at the right time.

3. Forgetting about SEO-
Simply producing and distributing a video does not bring conversions. Your SaaS video should be optimized appropriately to reach the target audience. But many video marketers often make the mistake of ignoring video SEO.

Like other forms of content, videos must also be optimized to rank on Google. An unoptimized video gets overlooked by Google’s search bots, causing it to become lost in the sea of SaaS video examples available on the internet.

4. Going for the hard sell-
Yes, selling the product is the core objective of every SaaS video. But, pushing a customer to buy throughout the video is never a good idea. It can be off-putting for viewers and discourage them from watching till the end.  

Videos are the best medium for building a connection with customers, especially in the awareness stage. Therefore, your video should slowly introduce the product to the viewers, not hard sell it to them.

To avoid it, use storytelling to promote the product indirectly.

5. Focusing on product features instead of benefits-
Many SaaS video marketers highlight the product feature to make it look exotic. This takes the focus away from what customers want to know about the product —how it can help them solve a problem.

Even if the video brings in viewers due to the exciting features, it isn’t providing much value to the customers.

6. Including too much information in the video-
SaaS products are already complex. That is why SaaS videos should be engaging and fun and ease the viewers into the tricky part. But many marketers flood the video with too many complex features or information.

Instead of explaining the product to the viewers, these videos complicate it even more. You can avoid this by creating multiple videos for a SaaS product that can effectively define each aspect to the customers.

7. Forgetting a strong CTA-
What’s the point of creating a video when it doesn’t lead the viewers to your website or product page? You’ll get many viewers but not enough leads. The same happens when you forget to add a call-to-action to the video.

8. Not including the brand message in the videos-
For SaaS videos to be impactful, they should correlate with your core branding strategy and message. SaaS marketers sometimes create videos that differ from the brand’s message to satisfy the customers. But, this can harm the brand’s image in the long run.

You should analyze the target audience to perceive what type of content they want to see from the brand. Then, plan how you can add your brand message to that content.

9. The video is too formal-
A majority of SaaS businesses are B2B. This causes most of the B2B SaaS videos to be sales pitches. Many SaaS video marketers create formal sales pitches that often need to be more engaging.

Instead of creating very formal videos, spice up your B2B SaaS videos with storytelling, special effects, and engaging content.

Wrapping Up!

Videos dominate the marketing industry. Almost every SaaS business invests money and effort in video marketing. These mistakes can keep you from getting the expected returns.

So, steer clear of these nine mistakes in your next marketing video and see your ROI increase.