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What are the Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk?

Health professionals have long warned against the dangers of living a highly sedentary lifestyle. In the current day and age, many individuals are required to sit for 8 hours a day while completing work. So how can you find a balance between sitting at work all day, and ensuring a healthy amount of daily movement?

What are the Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

The standing desk is a solution to this dilemma that has seen steadily increasing popularity in recent years. Alternatively, an adjustable height desk can be used as both a standing and sitting desk giving you full flexibility.

Spending long and consistent hours sitting has been linked to a higher risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease. With so many potential negative health effects that accompany sitting for long hours, an accessible solution is here at last. While rigorous studies exploring the benefits of a standing desk have yet to be performed, preliminary studies show that replacing your standard desk with a standing desk can not only help support your health but can even lead to increased productivity in the workplace. Standing while working has been linked to positive effects such as regulated blood sugar levels, more calories burned, and a decrease in back and shoulder pain.

When people gain weight, it is due to an increase in caloric intake without an equal caloric output. When standing at desks instead of sitting, your body naturally burns more calories. When it comes to spending a large portion of time working in the office, standing instead of sitting has the potential to lead to weight loss and an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. One study by Dr.John Buckley shows that when compared to a day of sedentary work, those who stood while working the same hours burned an extra 170 calories. This means that over the course of a week those who use a standing desk to work have the potential to burn an extra 1,000 calories a week. This increase in caloric output can lead to a decreased risk of obesity and metabolic disease.

The same study, performed by Dr. Buckley also showed a reduced blood sugar spike after eating in people who spent their time standing while working. In a small study of 10 office workers, it was shown that those who stood to work after eating had a blood sugar spike that was 43% lower than the blood sugar spike in office workers who sat after eating.

Another positive effect that can be attributed to using a standing desk while working is the potential for reduced back pain. Many office workers suffer from chronic back pain as a result of sitting in one position for extended periods of time.  Several studies have been done to try and determine a solution to this chronic back pain and results show that many can find relief by switching to a standing desk. In one study, published by the National Library of Medicine, people who suffered from back pain and switched to a standing desk saw a 32% improvement in back pain after just a few weeks of use. Another study published by the CDC shows that workers who switched between sitting and standing positions while working felt their neck and back pain was reduced by 54% after just 4 weeks.

Aside from the massively positive physical benefits that accompany using a standing desk, recent studies show that mental health can also benefit from making the switch. In one study published by the National Library of Medicine, office workers who switched to a standing desk reported feeling less stress than their co-workers who sat for the entire work day. Out of those who choose to be a part of this study 87% reported feeling higher energy levels and an increase in mental and physical stamina throughout the day. When considering that standing while working can lead to an increase in mood positivity and stamina, it can be concluded that higher productivity levels would follow the switch to a standing desk.

You can also get some desk accessories that can help you improve your productivity like using a flow board. You can use it while using a standing desk so you can activate core muscles while standing.

With so many well known benefits, there are many reasons to make the switch from your standard office desk to a standing desk. Making the switch could lead to improved physical and even mental health. Now is as good a time as any to consider how switching to a standing desk can improve your life.