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Ecommerce SEO Best Practices: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

Gone are the days when businesses simply used to develop a website just for the sake of it or just because their competitors are doing so. Today, in addition to creating a strong online presence, one must try to rank it well on the Google search engine. One of the best and most efficient ways to do this is by increasing organic traffic.

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

You see search-engine optimization might be a low-hanging fruit but sooner or later it will offer benefits like none other. In fact, creating an SEO-friendly website and eCommerce SEO practices can offer amazing ROI in comparison to any other ecommerce marketing campaign. Of course, apart from generating organic traffic there is always a possibility of relying on social media platforms and other paid ads but you should be able to fuel it well with money on a constant basis. On the other hand, SEO turns out to be quite a cost-effective way that enhances sales and return on investment on an autopilot mode and it doesn’t need any recurring expense as well. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Now the following post focuses on some of the best SEO practices to take into account for your eCommerce store. In addition, how online stores can drive organic traffic seamlessly.

Organic traffic is said when the traffic, leads or visitors tend to visit your website organically, that is they visit through Google rankings search results and not any other paid way. Here visitors come generally by using relevant keywords. Let’s say for example, you own a restaurant, so if someone lands on your website by entering keywords such as best restaurant in india or Best chinese restaurant, or looking for a chinese restaurant then it is said to be organic traffic.

Now to keep on increasing organic traffic day in day out, brands or businesses must put considerable effort by conducting on-site optimization and off-site optimization methodologies. By doing so they can gain an edge above competition. Why is it important to create more and more organic traffic when you already have so many paid options around?

First and foremost reason that you must be well-acquainted with is that organic traffic is one of the biggest sources of website traffic. And this can be easily generated by putting the best content on the website. If you don’t believe me, check your Google analytics software thoroughly.

Another interesting reason is that organic traffic assists well in building brand awareness. Yes, no kidding! Your search query can be either informational, navigational and transactional. For example if you are looking for gym shoes then your visitor might type “running shoes” or “Nike running shoes” If you happen to sell the best Nike products then your product will be listed in the Google Search Engine Page easily. And as soon as the visitor comes to your page, get to work. Start reaching out, engaging with them and converting them into potential buyers. This can surely assist you well in enhancing the brand.

Price always matters! This is inevitable. And one of the best advantages of considering organic traffic is that it turns out to be cost-effective for the ecommerce business in the long run. When you choose paid ads, the company link will be placed in front of the visitor but after a while, the more clicks leads to more money. So don’t trap yourself in this intimidating universe.

The next reason is high-end credibility. Yes, any amount of traffic or visitors gained through organic manner means you are bound to receive high-end reliability and credibility. In today’s times, every internet user understands what is the score of each website, especially the eCommerce site they are visiting. The more credibility means your ecommerce store seems to be more and more reliable. Also, slowly and steadily your reputation increases.

To surpass your competitors, organic traffic is a marathoner instead of a sprinter. And this has been true for several businesses which have been considering this practice aggressively. The more you put your time, effort and money in gaining organic traffic, the more satisfactory results are achieved. In the end, your competitors can be seamlessly pushed down the list.

Now further below, I would like to focus on some of the best eCommerce SEO practices to consider.

eCommerce SEO Best Practices to consider

#1 Easy-to-use website
One of the best practices or best ways to conduct an SEO-friendly project is to come with a website which is pretty easy to navigate. When this happens, your visitors or end users tend to stay for the longer haul on your site. This surely leads to less bounce rate and cart abandonment. In addition to creating an easy-to-use website, just take care regarding all the search terms, double check if they tend to appear on search engines and get clicked simultaneously by the end users who are automatically redirected to your website.

#2 Use long-tail keywords
Another interesting SEO-practice that must be well-considered is using as many long-tail keywords as you can. You see long-tail keywords are more precise than the shorter ones. For example “running shoes” - Now there are tons and tons of running shoes available. I want Nike running shoes , that’s more precise and the end user will be directed to your site if it offers Nike running shoes. Also, these long-tail keywords can be seamlessly well-integrated into blog posts which definitely increases organic traffic.

Now it is not necessary that the traffic generated through these keywords will be high but it will definitely assist you in gaining an edge above your competitors. With long-tail keywords, there is a greater chance for sale.

#3 Link-building strategy
Another aspect or factor other than using long-tail keywords is to conduct significant link-building practice. You see, creating links is not easy though it may sound like one. You see there are a plethora of different ways to generate backlinks. For instance, how about partnering with different influencers and famous celebrities and ask them to include a link which redirects the end users on your website. Also, you can keep regular tabs on the competitors link-building strategy. You see organic traffic can be precisely converted into potential leads and rest you can do all the math.

#4 What about Social presence?  
Today other than gaining or creating a strong online presence, enhancing your social media presence turns out to be equally important. Everyone seems to be well-acquainted with social media platforms, why not make the most of this opportunity. Social media enables businesses to speak more and more about its brand or a specific product to the potential audience.

Having a strong social proof is extremely important. In fact, it has been observed that most of the time, these aspects play a major role in driving or changing the purchase decision of end users. Online shoppers can trust more easily when they reach your website through customer reviews, shareable links and so forth. As a result, this surely leads to an increase in conversion rates and sales.

#5 Publish content what they like and not the otherwise
Last but certainly not the least, SEO practice that must be kept in mind. Try publishing such content which is loved by end users and not the one which you prefer publishing. After all, everything is about satisfying the needs of the end users. So for that, conduct your keyword research well and then incorporate them within your published content. Also, make sure you don’t stuff them, they should be incorporated normally.

This definitely increases the overall chances of rankings.   

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, simply developing an eCommerce store is not the key to success even if you want to survive in today’s cut-throat competition then you need to make sure to create a strong online presence that stays for the long haul. I hope you did find the following post needful.

And we are almost done here! The aforementioned are some of the best eCommerce SEO practices to take into account. The following post did offer what is organic traffic, why one must consider organic traffic instead of paid searches for high rankings and how to make the most of your eCommerce store by using the best SEO practices. In case, if you have any queries or if you would like to add anything maybe in the list, feel free to mention that in the comment section below. Good luck for your future eCommerce development projects.