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How has the rise in automation affected the job market?


What is automation?

Automation simply means making a process automatic like you do not need to do it manually. You may have seen many automatic machines in your surroundings like motor vehicles, washing machines, auto swings, and many more in industrial and manufacturing industries. Automation in the resume-building process has impacted the life of job seekers very positively.

How has the rise in automation affected the job market?

It made it a piece of cake to build a resume presently in just minutes but earlier with conventional methods required hours. Automation certainly has some benefits like increased production, increased efficiency, and ease of doing work. In recent years automation has become a sensation with the arrival of auto-writing tools like ChatGPT, Baard, etc. Now writers do not need to spend much time writing or thinking over a topic for so long. It has become straightforward to give commands and get the desired output. There exist tools that automate your job process called jobgpt which enables you to automatically apply for jobs on different platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. And one of those tools is LazyApply which automates the job process reducing hours of work to seconds.

Automation has arrived in almost every industry whether it is healthcare, education, IT services, transportation, manufacturing, and retail. Artificial intelligence with its advanced algorithms gave birth to automation. Some live examples include chatbots in customer services, google AI assistant, auto-gear systems in vehicles, etc.

What is the job market?

A job market is a chain of supply and demand in a particular market or a specific region or economy. The job market can measure the availability of jobs, competition in the market, demanding skills, technology, government policies, etc.

Two types of the job market are the labor market and the goods market meaning supply and demand of labor in a market and demand and supply of goods and services in a market respectively.

It is important to know the current trends of a job market to understand the demands and supplies as it is a constantly changing market and for survival it becomes necessary to know job market trends.

Automation has affected the job market in many ways.

The positive impact of automation on the job market

  • Automation has increased the productivity levels of a job market
  • Can do more work in the less required time that is it increased efficiency of work
  • It provided a boom in the data science industry for programmers and engineers creating new job opportunities
  • Not only increased the quantity of work but also the quality of work
  • Improved working conditions
  • Upskilling
  • It has had a very positive impact on customer service

Negative impact of automation on jobs

  • It has displaced many jobs, and with increased efficiency, it brought unemployment earlier let's say 5 workers were required for work but at the same work only one worker can finish using automation and artificial intelligence presently.
  • It has made humans less creative as humans become addicted to automation and it is hindering the capacity of thinking because nobody wants to put in extra effort as all things are done with no steps.
  • It has become a threat to workers and their payouts because their bargaining powers have been replaced with machines which finally results in job losses.
  • It takes away the social justice phenomenon as there is automation everywhere in the industries
  • Increased dependence on technology and reduced human touch


Overall, automation has many impacts on the job market as discussed above, some are positive and others are negative. So, it is not possible to predict the exact effect of automation in the coming future but one thing is sure we need to efficiently and carefully use automation considering the human existence in our minds.